The Process

The treatment-plant is based in a company-owned area of 10.000 sq.m. in Ag.Theodori, Corinth, with an annual treatment-capacity of 300.000 fridges and an infrastructure enabling a successful management of fridges including:

Receipt and temporary storage of fridges in properly prepared areas. Treatment of fridges in an automated treatment-line consisting of:

  • An Extraction station for all types of CFC’s and CFC replacements contained in the cooling circuit of fridges.
  • Automatic feeding of fridges, already cleaned of hazardous substances and components, to the shredder.
  • A 3-steps automated successive separation system for the extraction of CFC’s and CFC replacements contained in the insulation of fridges.
  • A system for extraction of all reusable materials by means of specially designed separators.
  • Packing, weighing and storage of reusable materials (ferrous metals, aluminum, motors, plastic, glass etc.)
  • Packing and storage of hazardous extracted materials (CFC’s, fluorecent lamps and capacitors) in specially prepared areas.